Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are we going to get wet?
  2. Not likely. Maybe if it rains.

  3. Do you go in the rain?
  4. Yes. Dress for the weather of the day.

  5. Can I bring a bag or camera?
  6. Yes.

  7. How old do you have to be?
  8. The minimum age is 2

  9. Do we have to row the boat?
  10. No. Your boat Captain will do all the rowing and steering of the raft.

  11. Do your prices include taxes and the return bus fare?
  12. Yes. Prices are inclusive of taxes and return shuttle bus to the launch site.

  13. Can I fish off the raft?
  14. No. Guided fishing excursions are forbidden in Banff National Park.

  15. Can I bring alcohol?
  16. Alcohol and smoking are also forbidden.

  17. Are we going to see any wildlife?
  18. There is abundant and various wildlife that reside in Banff National Park but we don't know their schedules. We do hope you get to spot something, but no promises.

  19. How many people fit in a raft?
  20. Our rafts are 8 meters long with 70 cm tubes designed for 25 passengers. However, we prefer to have 20 passengers, 10 in each end, with the boat Captain in the middle.

  21. Where can I buy the tickets?
  22. To avoid disappointment, reserve your seats in advance. Purchase your tickets at the box office at the launch site prior to your departure time. Interac and credit cards accepted.

  23. How do I cancel?
  24. Please cancel your online booking by emailing with your reservation number. No cancel fee will be applied.

  25. I did not get a confirmation email. What do I do?
  26. First check your spam and junk folders. If you saw a reservation number on your screen, we have a hold on your seats request. You can check in with your name at the launch site box office to buy your tickets.

  27. Will the raft flip?
  28. Our rafts are 8 meters long with 70 cm tubes designed for 25 passengers. We have never flipped a raft.

  29. Do you supply life vests?
  30. We have hundreds of different, various sized, personal flotation devices. Our staff will get you the right size.